The Mary Baker Eddy Library
for the Betterment of Humanity
Its dimension to serve

by Rolf A. F. Witzsche - Dec. 3, 2002


It should be realized that library's full potential may not come to light when its doors open in the fall of 2002, and may not come to light for some time to come, depending on society's dedication to it, but a large potential clearly exists, and it will eventually change the world. How we will benefit from it, will depend on ourselves. Mary Baker Eddy's work is done. Ours is, to embrace it fully. Yes, this poses a tremendous challenge. The challenge is to leave old perceptions behind, old limits, in order to embrace the limitless.

It may well be that the old limits will prevail for some periods to come, so that the greatest achievement of Mary Baker Eddy will not see the light of day. During these relative dark periods the Mary Baker Eddy Library for the Betterment of Humanity needs to be likened to a closed book, regardless of its name. This tragedy could happen if the library opens its doors to the world with a closed door policy. The resulting paradox will necessarily distort the mission envisioned for the library and deprive humanity of the benefit of its potential. The library will then function in the form of a museum in which society displays to itself the reflected image of its narrowly limited perception of the genius of the person it seeks to honor. But this does not have to happen.

The library has the potential to prevent this tragedy. It has the potential to become a focal point for a public movement in thought that will in time reverse the present shortfall with an open door policy that breaks the long standing history of denial of the scientific genius of Mary Baker Eddy, a denial that has darkened the Christian Science scene since the 1940 when the first discoveries of Mary Baker Eddy's structure for scientific and spiritual development were made and were denied.

In this sense the building of the Mary Baker Eddy Library presents a significant challenge to the entire Christian Science field, and to humanity as a whole. It reflects the challenge that Mary Baker Eddy herself had introduced in the Church Manual, the challenge of humanity's self-authorization, which too, is rarely acknowledged to exist, much less being scientifically understood and translated into practice (see Christian Science Challenge).

The necessary openness that any progress in scientific and spiritual development depends on, will probably not be achieved before the library opens in the fall of the year 2002. Nevertheless, the necessary steps towards that goal will be taken at some point, since the steps are rooted in the demands of Christian Science itself, and are encouraged by Mary Baker Eddy. The immediate value from the building of the Mary Baker Eddy Library for the Betterment of Humanity lies therefore in the simple fact that the official goal for uplifting humanity puts the until now avoided challenge for scientific honesty into the open for all people to face in their own conscience. 

I am not aiming to be critical here. I must observe, however, as an expectation of the unending progress of science, that when the present challenge becomes finally met, as it will be met some day, the fulfillment of the library's promise, for the betterment of humanity, will begin, which must be considered to stand until that day, mostly as a promise imbedded in its name.

I believe that the great value of the Mary Baker Eddy Library for the Betterment of Humanity lies in the challenge it presents towards the eventual fulfillment of its implied goal, as it causes humanity to explore what Mary Baker Eddy's achievements have been build upon. One can forecast this development to occur in the natural flow of the continuing unfolding of the advance of science. This flow has started and will continue regardless of whether the outcome of its unfolding is authorized to exist, or not. Thus, the question remains: How long are we willing to wait before we embrace and utilize what has already been discovered? The founding of the Mary Baker Eddy Library for the Betterment of Humanity gives substance to the hope that this time is at hand.

Rolf Witzsche

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